7.21.19 Coulee Go-Karts Raceway 2019 ©Forte Design LLC/Mary Schill

We are a family owned business with an interest in growing Coulee Go-Kart Raceway by providing a fun, and family friendly environment for all participants.

The majority of our staff are family members: Ed Hansen, owner/operator, his wife Barb, his daughter Jill, his son Adam, Adam’s wife Holly and their two children Kane and Grace. Our goal is to provide a positive racing experience for everyone.

Ed is the original founder of Performance Karting Inc. He raced at Mormon Coulee Speedway in La Crosse for 9 years and is a past track champion.   After living in North Carolina for the past 16 years, Ed retired in 2015 and moved back to Wisconsin to be near family. He is happy to once again be involved in go-kart racing.

Adam also raced at Mormon Coulee Raceway for 9 years and is a two-times track champion. He enjoyed racing as a family team until moving away from the La Crosse area in 1998.  After serving seven years in the U.S. Army and a few years in management in Greensboro, NC, Adam returned to the La Crosse area in 2013 and presently works at Gundersen Health System .

In the fall of 2017, Ed and Adam purchased Coulee Go-Kart Raceway from John and Kate Schaitel who have managed this race track for the past 20 years as a family business. Ed and Adam plan to bring back a full season of racing for go-karter’s in 2020 and possibly grow the kart participation by adding future divisions.

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